If you have dogs that fear being caged and have other special needs you will want to call Persnickety Pet Grooming.

We discovered this great service after adopting my mother’s dog when she moved into assisted living. Toby (30 lbs.) is 14 years old, taking chemo for his cancer, and has multiple warts on his skin hidden by his coat. He is a sweetheart but has a sever fear of kennels. After taking him to a recommended groomer and warning them of his fear, they promptly put him into a kennel to wait his turn. When they took him out for grooming he freaked out and they couldn’t handle him. This resulted in his being sent home all within 30 minutes. Desperate for help with this poor dog in need we found Deanne Stowers. Deanne is the owner of Persnickety Pet Grooming and in my opinion, a true “dog whisperer”. She drove her grooming van to our house, gathered all of the important information on his needs and 90 minutes later we had a calm beautifully groomed dog. Deanne also groomed our dog Nikki (80 lbs.) another 14 year old dog who sports a very heavy coat of hair. She discovered a hot spot that we were unaware of and after consulting with us shaved around the wound for vet attention.

It is this personalized attention and reasonable rates that make Deanne a very special groomer and the only groomer we will be using in the future.

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