Meet Lacey!

Hello, my name is Lacey, but some people call me Lacey -Lou. I’m a super lucky and beloved Weimaraner. I have a silky smooth silver coat and I look adorable and innocent ALL of the time. I was born on December 15, 2004. My mom rescued me from a very neglectful home when I was about 4 months old.

I had a lot of health problems, but eventually, my mom got those all straightened out. I'm lucky because I get to eat a raw food diet! You can ask my mom about it if you are interested in learning more.

I’m a little bit prissy and do not like to be out in the cold (below 60 degrees) and I hate to get wet. *If* I have to go outside when it is cold, I have a large assortment of sweaters and jackets to choose from.

Some of my favorite things to do include: napping in my favorite chair that is surrounded by plants. It’s kind of like my own jungle sanctuary. I like to go for car rides and hikes where I can wear my backpack. I also love to nap in my many dog beds that my mom says are too small for me... I just like to be cozy!

I really enjoy it when people come over to see me and pet me and love me! I too like to love them back by nudging them in the crotch area and wagging my little nub. People try to tell me that I’m too big to be a lap dog, but I tend to disagree! I promise that I will find a way to sit in your lap and show you that I fit just fine.

I fart a lot and sometimes I eat my own poop. My parents learned how to help me to be a super smart rock star from Tenderfoot Training.  They are so amazing, they brought out the best in me. Now, I'm super smart, and really well behaved. I never chew on anything I'm not supposed to, but really love shredding all of my new toys as soon as I get them. Squeakers must die!!!

I think everyone should be my friend and I don't really understand why some dogs want to be mean. I love to play with all dogs, and accept them into my home with open paws. Sometimes they try to tell me it is their house, which I know it’s not, but I’ll let them think that if they want to while they are visiting.

My best friend is a little 2-year-old human named Ella who lives with me some of the time. She can be quite bossy and demanding, but I just go with it. Whenever I see my mom and dad walking together or hugging I like to squeeze my way right into the middle of it.
I have to say, I have it pretty good around here!  Click on the pictures in the gallery below for a better look!