Persnickety has been grooming my 2-year-old Pekingese for the past six months and I am amazed at the attention to detail that is given to every aspect of her coat and nails. Bella has a very thick double coat which is difficult for me to maintain on her own, but with regular grooming, no more messes in her hind-quarters, no more mats, and her nails are meticulously trimmed and buffed! Bella comes in and shows off for me after each grooming. 😉

I’ve had long-haired dogs for close to 20 years now and Persnickety is by far the very best grooming service I have ever had the pleasure of working with. And all from the comfort of my own home!!!!! No more dropping off my dog at a groomer’s shop and leaving her for the better part of a day in a noisy barky environment where she’s stressed out. And the prices are very reasonable especially given the level of detail that’s required by my Peke’s coat and convenience to me.

I highly recommend Persnickety for you AND your pet!

~Deanna C.

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