You’ve really made a difference in Sierra!

You came right before Christmas and groomed my scared-y cat Sierra. You may remember you were worried she might be difficult, but it turned out she wasn’t. And I just wanted to let you know what a huge difference this has made for Sierra! It’s really a dramatic improvement for her. She’s been much more loving & trusting & friendly & sleeps in our bed & wants me to pet her all the time. It’s like… I have 2 theories.

1. Since I never have to catch her and groom her, she’s gradually getting to where she doesn’t think I’m going to try to catch her every time I come close to her.

2. Maybe not having all that hair has made her healthier, maybe she can actually feel me petting her.

You’ve really made a difference in this cat’s life, and mine. I appreciate it, and I will definitely call you when it starts to grow out and we need to do it again. Thank you very much!


~Laine G.

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