I USED to have HAIR in my ICE CUBES!!!

I have two dogs that Deanne grooms for me, a German Shepherd mix and a German Rottweiler, which is larger than the American Rottweiler. She is wonderful when handling the dogs and is very professional, firm AND gentle. Maggie (our German Shepherd) gets very excited when she sees Deanne, similar to when we say we are taking her on a walk! The dogs always look so neat and ‘fuzz free’ after they have been groomed, because otherwise they both shed like crazy! (We once found dog hair in some of our ice cubes – yuck!) When they are finished, I can see that they have been well loved, as well as well groomed. Having my dogs groomed on a regular basis also significantly cuts down on my housecleaning and the number of ‘dog-hair dust-bunnies’ that run around our hardwood floors (not to mention- no more hairy ice cubes!).

Deanne has a client for life! After the first grooming she performed on my dogs, I knew that this is something I would continue to have done for them on a regular basis. I highly recommend Deanne’s service. She truly loves animals, loves working with them, and loves making their lives better. This is readily seen in the quality & professionalism of her work.

~Carrie S.

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