Hallelujah the Groomer comes to me :)

Deanne was outstanding!! She was very professional and provided helpful details after the dogs appointment.

I was probably more nervous than my dogs Peanut(Chiweenie) and Juno(German Shepard). This is the first time we tried a mobile grooming service. I was reluctant to let her take them both at the same time, but I trusted this was not her first rodeo. She also stated the dogs do better if she takes them to the truck, so I reluctantly let her. Two hours later she returned with two very happy and clean dogs. She told me they did fantastic. One dog just waited patiently for the other to be groomed. Deanne said Juno didn’t whine at all while getting groomed. That was a first.

I am glad I had seen her truck and gave her a call. One less thing to worry about.

I would and will recommend Persnickety Pet Grooming to anyone with a cat or dog.

Yvette C.

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