Our Schnauzer ‘Kira’

“I was a little leery taking our Schnauzer ‘Kira’ to be groomed by a stranger, but upon meeting Deanne and telling her of my fears for our pet, she reassured me that she would treat Kira as is she were her own pet. She has done that for some time now. I have been taking Kira to her every 6 to 8 weeks for a grooming as well as cleaning of Kira’s teeth and a skin check. Deanne is a very careful and experienced groomer.

She always lets me know if there is a problem with Kira’s skin or if she sees something that I should take Kira to the vet for to get medical attention. She cares a great deal about all of her client’s pets. It is very important to be able to trust your groomer, and know that she will be gentle with your pet, because animals can sense when someone will hurt them or treat them with kindness. Both of my pets love heråÊand trust her.”


~Teri S.

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