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Plus… we’re solstice sisters!

Deanne is fantastic. She grooms all three of my dogs, and treats them with care, love, and respect. Most recently, my elderly Cairn Terrier was scheduled to have his eye removed, and Deanne took extra care with his facial hair to make it all easier. The nurse at surgery must have mentioned 4 or 5 times how cute he was. Even his little toenails. We are extremely lucky to have Deanne as a part of the team that helps us give our dogs the best life we can.

Leah H.


My pup Tiny

For the most part I’ve tried to do all the grooming for my pup but I’ve had times where I just couldn’t with health restrictions and surgeries… my pup had been groomed by persnickety before from a friends home but I have now made it a regular… she does amazing stuff and loves my boy as much as I myself do and I couldn’t ask for anymore he is my family and is taken great care of when in the persnickety truck!!! Thanks for everything you do!! Below is a pic today (7/17/17) of my boy Tiny and his bestie during his grooming!!! (Pic she also posted on Persnickety’s Facebook)

Mags was happy!

Deanne did an amazing job on our Golden retriever, who was a mess of too long hair and dried leaves. Mags, the dog, was calm afterwards because she was still at home. Great experience and we highly recommend!

~Kay T.

We love Persnickety Pet Grooming!

A few years ago, I took my dog to a groomer that came highly recommended by a family member. This happened to be a place where my dog was placed in a kennel while waiting her turn to get groomed. One day while there, something spooked her and she tried to bite her way out of the kennel, thus breaking off a tooth and needing a root canal. I decided that as my dog was aging this was just too stressful for her. I called Persnickety Pet Grooming and Deanne is so wonderful! I love the convenience of the mobile groomer, it’s less stressful for my dog, and Deanne does a fantastic job! Not only does she make my dog look beautiful, she’s caring and has a gentle way with my dog. Thanks, Deanne!


~Shane K.


Persnickety has been grooming my 2-year-old Pekingese for the past six months and I am amazed at the attention to detail that is given to every aspect of her coat and nails. Bella has a very thick double coat which is difficult for me to maintain on her own, but with regular grooming, no more messes in her hind-quarters, no more mats, and her nails are meticulously trimmed and buffed! Bella comes in and shows off for me after each grooming. 😉

I’ve had long-haired dogs for close to 20 years now and Persnickety is by far the very best grooming service I have ever had the pleasure of working with. And all from the comfort of my own home!!!!! No more dropping off my dog at a groomer’s shop and leaving her for the better part of a day in a noisy barky environment where she’s stressed out. And the prices are very reasonable especially given the level of detail that’s required by my Peke’s coat and convenience to me.

I highly recommend Persnickety for you AND your pet!

~Deanna C.

Happy Kitten

Thank you so much for grooming my cat, Delilah. I cannot express how happy we both are now that she is fluffy and clean. She wasn’t mad at all after the service, which was quick, efficient, and a great price especially considering that Delilah does not like to leave the house. Next time Delilah needs attention, I plan to call you!

~ Sabrina S.

If you have dogs that fear being caged and have other special needs you will want to call Persnickety Pet Grooming.

We discovered this great service after adopting my mother’s dog when she moved into assisted living. Toby (30 lbs.) is 14 years old, taking chemo for his cancer, and has multiple warts on his skin hidden by his coat. He is a sweetheart but has a sever fear of kennels. After taking him to a recommended groomer and warning them of his fear, they promptly put him into a kennel to wait his turn. When they took him out for grooming he freaked out and they couldn’t handle him. This resulted in his being sent home all within 30 minutes. Desperate for help with this poor dog in need we found Deanne Stowers. Deanne is the owner of Persnickety Pet Grooming and in my opinion, a true “dog whisperer”. She drove her grooming van to our house, gathered all of the important information on his needs and 90 minutes later we had a calm beautifully groomed dog. Deanne also groomed our dog Nikki (80 lbs.) another 14 year old dog who sports a very heavy coat of hair. She discovered a hot spot that we were unaware of and after consulting with us shaved around the wound for vet attention.

It is this personalized attention and reasonable rates that make Deanne a very special groomer and the only groomer we will be using in the future.

Fuzzy Bella bear looks beautiful…

Thanks again for your work w/ Bella. She looks wonderful and you got all the little details perfect on her. She seems so much happier with her fresh coat 🙂

~Lisa W.

Look no further!

This is the girl to groom your pets!!!!! Deanne takes pride in her work and does a FANTASTIC job. I have had experience with many groomers through the years and none of them come close to Deanne and her work. I couldn’t be more pleased.

~ Mandy S.

Great haircut, and Bowser’s happy as a clam! 🙂

Deanne did a great job with Bowser today, despite his crazy, cottony hair that gets matted so easily. He looks like a gentleman with his short schnauzer cut, just what we wanted, and unlike other times getting groomed elsewhere, he’s calm as can be. Looking forwards to her next visit. Glad to have found Persnickety Pet Grooming! 🙂

~Maria M.

You’ve really made a difference in Sierra!

You came right before Christmas and groomed my scared-y cat Sierra. You may remember you were worried she might be difficult, but it turned out she wasn’t. And I just wanted to let you know what a huge difference this has made for Sierra! It’s really a dramatic improvement for her. She’s been much more loving & trusting & friendly & sleeps in our bed & wants me to pet her all the time. It’s like… I have 2 theories.

1. Since I never have to catch her and groom her, she’s gradually getting to where she doesn’t think I’m going to try to catch her every time I come close to her.

2. Maybe not having all that hair has made her healthier, maybe she can actually feel me petting her.

You’ve really made a difference in this cat’s life, and mine. I appreciate it, and I will definitely call you when it starts to grow out and we need to do it again. Thank you very much!


~Laine G.

Best Grooming Ever!

I just wanted to take the time to thank you again for the fabulous job you did on Maggie and Dakota yesterday. After spending more time with them last night, I realized that it was the best grooming they’ve ever received! I may not be able to afford it as often as I’d like, but please count me in as a repeat customer! I will certainly tell all my dog-loving friends what a master groomer you are!

~Shannon A.

Our Cat is 10 Years Younger!

Tigger Boots Cat

I just wanted to let you know how unbelievably happy our Tigger-Boots is since you groomed him last week. He is a different cat! I guess we never knew how miserable he must have been. I bet you took 10 yrs off of that old cat! He feels better, acts like a kitten and is loving us for it everyday. We’ll never let him go un-groomed like that ever again. Having your mobile service really saved him and us from a lot of stress. Thank you so much for your hard work on our kitty.

~Shirley S. and Family

A New Cat For Dad

Just wanted you to know what a pleasure it was to meet you. Dad is so pleased with your handling and grooming of Dante, the cat. Dante’s personality has changed quite dramatically since his shave, for the first time EVER, he jumped up on Dad’s lap and fell asleep. He (Dante) seems much more comfortable and calm, at the same time more playful and interactive. So all things considered, truly a Christmas miracle!

~Susan M.

Cleaned Up Collie

Beautiful dog after grooming

Due to caring for an elderly parent, I hadn’t kept up with my collies grooming schedule.

Deanne was able to clean her up and make her beautiful again.

~Louise L.

Jerry The Wonder Dog

Jerry the wonder dog

Deanne has been paying extra special attention to my extra special schnauzer Jerry, for several years now. I would never even dream of having anyone else ever groom him. I actually did that once, a few years ago when Deanne was out of the country, and I learned my lesson! Never again! Deanne makes sure Jerry gets everything he needs, and she also makes sure I get everything I need, including trust and confidence that comes easily when I leave Jerry with her. I’m constantly being asked by strangers ‘Who on earth grooms Jerry?’ because he is always looking so handsome. I tell Deanne that Jerry and I are like a walking billboard for her. I, of course, am a loyal client for life.

~Alycia L. & Jerry

Unlikely Friends

Deanne is everything a pet parent could want in a groomer. She is the only groomer I trust to take such fabulous care of my dog’s nails. Deanne has the perfect combination of professional and personal skills. She is generous, thoughtful, and talented. My dog, Kaylee, is always glad to see Deanne even though she hates getting her nails done. That tells me A LOT. I highly recommend Deanne – there’s no one better!

~Cynthia C.

I USED to have HAIR in my ICE CUBES!!!

I have two dogs that Deanne grooms for me, a German Shepherd mix and a German Rottweiler, which is larger than the American Rottweiler. She is wonderful when handling the dogs and is very professional, firm AND gentle. Maggie (our German Shepherd) gets very excited when she sees Deanne, similar to when we say we are taking her on a walk! The dogs always look so neat and ‘fuzz free’ after they have been groomed, because otherwise they both shed like crazy! (We once found dog hair in some of our ice cubes – yuck!) When they are finished, I can see that they have been well loved, as well as well groomed. Having my dogs groomed on a regular basis also significantly cuts down on my housecleaning and the number of ‘dog-hair dust-bunnies’ that run around our hardwood floors (not to mention- no more hairy ice cubes!).

Deanne has a client for life! After the first grooming she performed on my dogs, I knew that this is something I would continue to have done for them on a regular basis. I highly recommend Deanne’s service. She truly loves animals, loves working with them, and loves making their lives better. This is readily seen in the quality & professionalism of her work.

~Carrie S.

Hallelujah the Groomer comes to me 🙂

Deanne was outstanding!! She was very professional and provided helpful details after the dogs appointment.

I was probably more nervous than my dogs Peanut(Chiweenie) and Juno(German Shepard). This is the first time we tried a mobile grooming service. I was reluctant to let her take them both at the same time, but I trusted this was not her first rodeo. She also stated the dogs do better if she takes them to the truck, so I reluctantly let her. Two hours later she returned with two very happy and clean dogs. She told me they did fantastic. One dog just waited patiently for the other to be groomed. Deanne said Juno didn’t whine at all while getting groomed. That was a first.

I am glad I had seen her truck and gave her a call. One less thing to worry about.

I would and will recommend Persnickety Pet Grooming to anyone with a cat or dog.

Yvette C.

Deanne Rocks!

Leeloo really doesn’t like bathes and avoids water in general – but she LOVES Deanne! Deanne really has a way of putting animals at ease. It wasn’t long before Leeloo was running right out to the truck and up the stairs! I think she loves that Deanne calls her “girl-friend!” Leeloo is my first dog, and it is wonderful to know that I can ask Deanne when I have questions or concerns. I have asked for advice about Leeloo’s diet, ear scratching, little bumps I’ve found on her body, and behavioral issues. Deanne’s expertise has saved me a lot of trips to the vet! Deanne is the absolute best!

~Glori G.

I recommend Persnickety Pets to anyone who loves their pets!

Deanne and Persnickety Pets are the best. I have so much confidence in her with my 2 schnauzers. Besides the excellence in her grooming ability, she cares about your pets who are all our family members. I love the fact they don’t have to get into a car and then wait in a cage until they get groomed.

I would highly recommend Deanne and her services to anyone who loves their pets. She takes great pride in her company, her mobile grooming truck is very clean and up to date.

~Dale N.

Max and Lily are Deanne’s biggest fans

Oh, yes – Max is sooooo adorable after he has his appointment with Deanne! Lily loves her, too, and gets her nails trimmed calmly and effortlessly in Deanne’s beauty van.

~Sarah W.

“The Secret Is Out, Griffin Loves The Groomer”

LOVE Persnickety and so does our Lhasa Apso, Griffin!! I have taken Griffin to 4 different groomers before we found Deanne and Persnickety and he was always deathly afraid for me to leave him. Now, when I let him know “his Persnickety” is coming, he looks out the window and wags his tail!! He loves Deanne!! Deanne does an amazing job with Griffin, he is always groomed to perfection!! Persnickety is the BEST pet grooming out there!!!

~Kelly W.

Our Adopted Abused Collie

Beautiful Dog

I have known Deanne Stowers for over six years now. I met her while working as a Regional Manager for a National Pet food Company. After adopting an abused Collie, I needed a special person to groom him to help him with all his long matted hair. Since I was in over 150 petåÊstores a month, I learned quickly who was skilled, had a faithful following, and natural talent. I personally won’t let anybody else groom or touch him at this point. Deanne is a special person when it comes to grooming. With it being so difficult to find an excellent groomer, Deanne is one that you have to hold onto once you find her.

I recommend her both professional and personally.

~Maxine L.

Our Schnauzer ‘Kira’

“I was a little leery taking our Schnauzer ‘Kira’ to be groomed by a stranger, but upon meeting Deanne and telling her of my fears for our pet, she reassured me that she would treat Kira as is she were her own pet. She has done that for some time now. I have been taking Kira to her every 6 to 8 weeks for a grooming as well as cleaning of Kira’s teeth and a skin check. Deanne is a very careful and experienced groomer.

She always lets me know if there is a problem with Kira’s skin or if she sees something that I should take Kira to the vet for to get medical attention. She cares a great deal about all of her client’s pets. It is very important to be able to trust your groomer, and know that she will be gentle with your pet, because animals can sense when someone will hurt them or treat them with kindness. Both of my pets love heråÊand trust her.”


~Teri S.

Shy and Fearful Border Collie

Deanne Stowers has been my dog groomer for the past five years. She has done an exceptional job with my Border Collie who is shy and fearful of a variety of things. Deanne has been very sensitive to that and ‘Nanny’ has become quite fond and trusting of her. Deanne also is excellent at grooming. I have tried many other pet groomers in the past and have not had the same results as I have had with Deanne. I highly recommend her and know that her endeavor to build a mobile pet grooming business will be a great success. I am very confident Deanne will continue to grow her clientele as she truly cares about quality service for her customers.


~Diane F.

Our Cat Oliver

Oliver the Cat

Deanne has been grooming our cat, Oliver, for the past year and a half. During that time, Deanne has demonstrated a strong commitment to her clients and new business. She has always been friendly, on time, competent, and professional. She has a great touch with animals, which shows each time she grooms our cat.

~Diane B.

Our Dog Rosie

Our 8 year-old Westie, Rosie, has been a grooming client of Deanne’s for over four years. She always comes home beautiful, even when we change her cut from long to short. It is obvious Deanne is loving and kind, for Rosie gets very excited when she sees Deanne, and never even looks back when she’s headed into the truck.


~Jan R.

Our golden retriever Ginger

Happy dog smiles

Deanne has groomed our golden retriever, Ginger, regularly in the past. Deanne is the best groomer we’ve experienced. Deanne takes the time to understand her client’s needs and expectations, and then she delivers.

Her attention to detail, her client rapport (both human and canine), and the finished product are excellent. Ginger is always excited to meet with Deanne for their grooming sessions!


~Tamara D.

My Dog Maximus

I was referred to Deanne by my mother and have been using her services ever since. She has been taking care of my dog Maximus from the very beginning of his life, and he absolutely loves her. She does great work and I really don’t think that I could find anyone that cares as much as she does for the animals she works with, which is very important to me.

She keeps me informed on how my dog is doing as far as his skin, coat, teeth, and eyes. She also makes suggestions that might benefit my dog and his life. It’s not just about the grooming with her; she is great at what she does and she truly loves and cares for all the animals she touches. I couldn’t ask for a better person to take care of my dog.

She is wonderful!

~Marisa S.